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​8 Tips to Spruce Up Your Wedding Venue (Without Ruffling Feathers)

Posted by Sandy D. on

Let’s be honest: No venue is perfect out of the box. Maybe you chose a venue that is great…with the exception of mounted deer heads or no air conditioning. Or, maybe—due to budget or location reasons—you settled for a venue that’s less than ideal.

The bad news is that many venues have strict rules against taking down “fixed” décor. The good news? With a few tweaks and some imagination, your venue can be transformed into a masterpiece. Here are just a few ways you can add an ambiance to your wedding venue:

Cover “fixed” décor with floral walls, lighting or large signs

Add string lights, table lamps and candles when possible to brighten up dark spaces

Use patio heaters or rented fans to help control temperatures

Hang ceiling drapery in white or bright colors to hide fixtures and drab ceilings

Swap included furniture for upscale lounge furniture for a more elegant look

Showcase an abundance of bright florals to freshen up plain spaces

Pipe in aromatherapy scents for venues that may have a lingering odor

Leverage uplighting to add an entirely different vibe to an otherwise unattractive banquet hall

Wedding planners are masterful at finding ways to work around existing décor at wedding venues (so if you haven’t invested in one yet, it’s probably worth it!).

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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