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​5 Old-Fashioned Wedding Traditions That Seem Kooky Today

Posted by Sandy D. on

No matter how modern your wedding is, in all likelihood your grandchildren (or great-grandchildren) will look at your wedding photos and say, “I can’t believe you did that—it looks so old-fashioned!”

Wedding trends and traditions are constantly evolving, and many are bound to become dated in the eyes of future generations. Either way, there’s a few archaic wedding traditions we’re glad got left behind. From donning a bonnet if you’re an older bride to wearing another woman’s underwear, here are just a few weird and wacky wedding traditions from the past:

1. Only young brides could wear veils

Brides began wearing veils because Ancient Greeks and Romans believed it protected them from evil spirits. However, this superstition must not have extended to brides who weren’t young and fresh: In the 1800s, brides were instructed to wear a bonnet if they were “of middle age” or a “widow.”

2. Groom’s needed their right hand free to fight off suitors

If you’ve ever wondered why a bride traditionally stands to a groom’s left in a Christian ceremony, it’s because it was believed that a groom would need his dominant hand to fend off interested suitors. Luckily there’s usually no hand-to-hand combat at the altar these days (except perhaps in the movies!).

3. The top tier of the cake was saved for having a baby

Rumor has it that the top tier of a wedding cake was typically saved for “something special” in the past, which meant conceiving a child. A child was typically expected within the first year of marriage—hence our current tradition of eating it on a one-year anniversary.

4. A bride’s “something borrowed” was another woman’s underwear

Way back in the day, it was believed that brides could increase the likelihood of their childbearing by wearing another woman’s undergarments. They would don the underwear of a woman who had recently bore children in the hopes that fertility would actually—ahem—rub off on them.

5. Brides wore wedding dresses of all colors

White wedding dresses only rose to popularity after 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in a beautiful and pure white dress. But before that (relatively recent) time period, brides wore wedding dresses of all colors—maybe this is a trend that should come back?

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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