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​5 Ways to Walk Down the Aisle

Posted by Sandy D. on

Have you ever wondered why a father walks a bride down the aisle? In the olden days, brides were considered their father’s property until they were literally “exchanged” for a dowry (hence the father walking her to the husband to hand her off!). These days, “giving away the bride” can mean many different things to you depending on your background and perspective.

Most brides still choose to have their fathers walk them down the aisle as a sign of parental respect, while others have no qualms about ditching the antiquated tradition. In some ceremonies, the bride and groom walk themselves down the aisle, and in others guests are the ones asked to support and affirm the couple. Here are just a few options for who can walk you down the aisle:

1. Your father (or father figure)

The traditional choice is to have your father or stepfather, etc., walk you down the aisle (they did help raise you, after all!). Doing this is a great way to have a special moment with a loved one who helped shape you into who you are today.

2. Your mother

If your father has passed away or simply isn’t in the picture, having your mother walk you down the aisle is a meaningful alternative choice. This gives the mother of the bride double the credit for all her solo work!

3. A close relative

For some brides, it’s important to have a male figure walk them down the aisle. Having your brother, uncle or grandfather walk you down the aisle is a nice nod to the traditional father-daughter walk.

4. A friend

Maybe it’s not a family member that you feel helped shape and support you at all, but rather a friend or acquaintance. You could always ask someone you care about—or your pastor or officiant—to walk you down the aisle.

5. Yourself

Nothing is stopping you from walking down the aisle solo, whether as a statement to show you’re not “owned” by anyone, a way to not show favoritism, or just a way to simplify your ceremony. Going this route means you don’t have to share the spotlight with anyone else!

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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