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​12 Getaway Cars That Make a Statement

A couple’s first “official” exit as a married couple is always an exciting and happy moment, and the iconic getaway photos are ones that will be passed down from generation to generation. That said, why not surprise and delight your wedding guests with a spectacular, unique and memorable getaway car (or other means of transportation)?Whether [...]

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​9 Creative (and Simple) Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs

Watching your hard-earned dollars go out the window can be one of the most difficult—and exasperating—parts of wedding planning. The good news is that there a few line items you can easily skimp on to stick to your carefully-crafted budget. Here are just a few cost-saving tips that will knock hundreds to thousands off your [...]

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6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Spouse-To-Be

Regardless of whether or not you believe Valentine’s Day is a scam set up by greeting card companies, your partner will likely expect the occasion to be marked in some way or another (usually that means a card, a gift, flowers, dinner or a romantic getaway). For engaged couples planning a wedding, a.k.a. the romantic [...]

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​12 Ways to Include Stepparents in Your Wedding

Considering 40 to 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, it’s not uncommon for couples to have mixed families with one or more stepparent. If you have one—or multiple—parents who have divorced and remarried, you’re faced with the politics of how to respectfully include those stepparents or significant others in your wedding (without ruffling [...]

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​8 Essential Must-Dos When Planning an International Destination Wedding

So, you’ve decided to go the more adventurous route and do a destination wedding overseas: Now what?Planning a destination wedding can sometimes be difficult, especially when you have to deal with a language barrier, unique customs, a change in currency and possibly different time zone. Here are just a few basic ‘to-do’s’ when it comes [...]

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​How Does Engagement and Wedding Ring Insurance Work?

When you’re freshly engaged, it’s unnerving to think about the fact you’re carrying around thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry on your finger. Sometimes, an engagement and wedding ring is the monetary equivalent of a small vehicle or extravagant trip overseas! How do you insure your ring in case of a worst-case scenario?I remember my [...]

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​5 Ways to Save Your Guests Money on Wedding Gifts

It’s altogether too easy to go trigger-happy on registry gifts (because don’t you just NEED that adorable $150 tea pot? Besides, you’re spending a fortune per guest for your wedding and how else will you recoup those funds!).However, try to keep your registry expectations in check based on your guest count and your guests’ relative [...]

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​10 Cold-Weather Cocktails Perfect for a Wedding Signature Drink

Fall and winter wedding season is upon us, and when the chilly wind blows there’s nothing like curling up with a warm drink by a fire. Treat your wedding guests to a signature drink that celebrates the tradition and romance of the cold-weather seasons. From classic holiday drinks to boozy creations with a kick, add [...]

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​6 Wedding Thank You Note Hacks to Save You Time

Let’s be honest: It’s fun to receive wedding gifts, but having to write out a personalized, handwritten response for each and every one is painful and time-consuming (hello, hand cramp!). If you absolutely despise the process of crafting thank you notes—and most of us do—you have a few options to save your time and sanity:1. [...]

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14 Things Bridal Couples Can be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

If you’re in the throes of wedding planning, it can be easy to lose sight of the reason you’re getting married in the first place: The love you share with your significant other and the creation of your own family unit. Use this Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to remind yourself of all the reasons [...]

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