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​5 Ways to Handle Wedding Stress

Is wedding planning becoming overwhelming? You’re in good company: According to a recent study, 96% of engaged couples are stressed out about wedding planning. Those respondents also suffered from an average of three or more stress-induced health issues, including skin breakouts, hair loss, insomnia and headaches.Luckily, there are plenty of ways to fight back against [...]

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Wedding Seating Chart Tips and Tricks

Once your RSVPs are finally all in, it’s time to face one of your final, dreaded tasks: The seating chart. Usually at this point you’ll realize how much you took your seat for granted at every previous wedding you’ve attended (and take back any grumbles about where you landed). Putting together a wedding seating chart [...]

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​4 Tips to Shop Sample Sales Like a Pro

Have designer taste but a pauper’s budget? If so, securing a wedding gown via a sample sale might be the best route for you. These sales offer ready-to-wear designer gowns off the rack for up to 70% (or more) off original retail prices.Prepare yourself: Shopping a sample sale at a bridal shop is a totally [...]

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​The 12 Most Popular Wedding Registry Items

Wondering what to zap to add to your registry? The options are overwhelming, and you’ll have several sources telling you every single item is a “must.”As with most things, what you’ll need to register for depends on what you already have and your needs as a couple. For example, if you both get takeout or [...]

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​7 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Flower Trends for 2018

We’re headed full steam into the sultry summer months of the 2018 wedding season, and the verdict for wedding florals is in: Pastels are on the decline in favor of more bold, vibrant floral statements. Wedding flowers are evolving from being subtle accents to taking center stage, creatively adorning the bridal party as well as [...]

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​Recent Celebrity Splits that Have Our Hearts Broken

While our hope is that love is everlasting, sometimes—sadly—it just isn’t for some. Over the past year, we’ve seen some strong celebrity couples disintegrate before our very eyes. Here are just a few broken romances that still have us (and millions of other fans) reeling:1. Channing Tatum and Jenna DewanThis adorable celebrity couple met in [...]

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​5 Ways to Keep the Spark During Wedding Planning

Your relationship was the strongest it had ever been leading up to (and shortly after) your engagement. But before long, once the elation of the proposal wore off, your life became consumed with contracts, registries, seating assignments, and all the other minutia of wedding planning. Suddenly, you and your fiancé are having spats over who [...]

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​8 Amazing Ways to Reuse Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are gorgeous—and expensive—so it can be heartbreaking to simply toss blooms in the trash when the wedding day is over. The good news: You don’t have to! With a little pre-planning (and elbow grease), you can give new life to your old buds.Here are eight creative ways to recycle your wedding flowers:1. Use [...]

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​5 Topics to Avoid During a Wedding Toast

Have you ever been at a wedding and heard a toast that made you cringe? Wedding toasts are meant to celebrate, honor and encourage a bridal couple, but some wedding speeches can end up doing the opposite (despite the speaker’s best intentions).If you’re in a bridal party and set to do a wedding toast, it’s [...]

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​Who Do You Invite to a Bachelorette Party?

Drinks, debauchery and “dirty” party games: Your bachelorette party will be an experience to remember (or, when copious amounts of alcohol are consumed, not remember)! Some brides look forward to their bachelorette party almost as much as the wedding itself. You’ve likely imagined what your bachelorette event will look like, including the ladies you see [...]

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