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5 ‘Golden Rules’ for Choosing Your Bridal Party

Brides and grooms are sometimes taken off guard when they realize how difficult it can be to pick the “perfect” bridal party. You may have a general idea of who you see helping you walk down the aisle, but does that idea mesh with what your partner envisions? And how do you invite some friends [...]

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​Do Finances Play a Role in an Engagement?

For love…or money?We all want to imagine romance—not finances—plays the biggest role when it comes to marriage. However, many couples suggest that how their partner handles money can be a deal breaker. According to a recent survey by, more than 4 in 10 Americans say a bad credit score can end a relationship.Why the [...]

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How to Save your Bridesmaids Money

It’s estimated that bridesmaids spend an average of $1,500 (or more) to participate in a wedding. That’s a lot of money, considering paychecks can be small and bridesmaids may be in other weddings as well.Are you worried about your bridesmaids’ climbing expenses? Here are a few ways you can cut their costs: Stay local for the [...]

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​Dos and Don’ts of a Second Wedding

Decided to remarry? If you’re lucky enough to find love a second time around, it should definitely be celebrated!Planning a second wedding can an exciting—and possibly daunting—prospect. If you’re unsure about all that’s involved in a second (or third, or fourth!) wedding, here are a few “dos” and “don’ts” for your second time around:DO: Tell [...]

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​Should the Bride & Groom Combine Bank Accounts after the Wedding?

Should You Combine Bank Accounts?Money is by far one of the biggest stressors—and causes of fights—for engaged and married couples. Brides and grooms love to skirt around the ultra-uncomfortable topic of finances. But, many future fights can be saved if couples discuss these three things early on:1. Should we combine bank accounts?According to a recent [...]

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​Did Your Fiancé Commit One of These 5 Marriage Proposal Mistakes?

In the days of viral wedding proposal videos and over-the-top prom proposals, proposing marriage can be a little…well, terrifying. Future fiancés face an enormous amount of pressure to put together the perfect proposal (one that brides and grooms will enjoy repeating for many years to come). With nerves at an all-time high, well-meaning brides and [...]

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​How to Fire a Bridesmaid

Most bridesmaids consider it an honor to be part of a bride squad and take their “duties” seriously. Other bridesmaids—for whatever reason—may not be as up to the task of entering your entourage (and make that very clear by sabotaging your carefully laid wedding plans).Weddings are often high-pressure and high-commitment, and this tends to reveal [...]

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​8 Websites to Help You Get Rid of Your Wedding Stuff

In the process of wedding planning, you somehow convinced yourself you needed to purchase approximately 20 table mirrors, 50 picture frames, 100 mercury candles, two gilded cages and two dozen vases (half of which you didn’t even use). Now, all your leftover wedding supplies are taking up valuable space in your hallway closet.Instead of letting [...]

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​10 Wow-Worthy Winter Wedding Ideas

Crisp winter air, white fluffy snow and wedding bells ringing…winter weddings are full of romance! Chilly-weather nuptials offer an opportunity to highlight the spirit of the holiday season.Considering saying “I do” during wintertime? Here are some ideas to make your white wedding one to remember: 1. Ice sculptures: Animals and winter scenes carved from ice [...]

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How to Plan a Wedding While Pregnant

If you’re a pregnant bride, you have more on your mind than wedding planning (as if that isn’t stressful enough!). How do you plan a wedding, maintain a healthy pregnancy and get ready for the arrival of baby?Ask for help: Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to friends, family and your fiancé. You won’t have [...]

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