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​How to Host a Social Media-Free Wedding

Posted by Sandy D. on

In an age where phones are practically glued to our hands and nothing is “official” unless it’s posted online, it may seem—well, backwards—to ask your guests to avoid posting to social media on your wedding day. Or, you may be afraid of looking like a control freak (or a bridezilla) by restricting your guests’ online actions.

Still, a social media-free wedding offers several perks, including privacy, greater control over your images, and the ability for guests to “live in the moment.” Without seeing social media posts, potential guests won’t feel hurt by not be invited to your wedding. And, by having your guests completely unplug, you’ll be keeping your wedding even more intimate and meaningful.

If you’re considering hosting a social media-free (or phone-free) wedding, here are a few ways to tackle the task:

1. Choose your technology limitations: Are you wanting people to wait to post about your wedding until the days after your wedding? Are you wanting people to not post anything at all? Or, are you banning all personal photos before and/or after your ceremony? Be clear with your guests about your wishes and expectations.

2. Communicate with your guests: Use every communication touchpoint to remind your guests of your low-tech or no-tech wishes. Include a note on your invitation, a reminder on your wedding website and ceremony program, post a sign at your wedding or have your wedding officiant include it in his or her address to your wedding guests.

3. Offer alternative opportunities to capture memories: If you are banning guest photos, a nice gesture would be to share your professional wedding photos with guests who wish to print and save photos to commemorate the occasion. Or, if you’re simply banning social media, you can provide a link to a private photo sharing gallery for guests.

4. Don’t get offended if someone breaks the rules: It’s almost impossible to police every single guest—so, if a guest decides they can’t wait to post that wedding selfie or bridal shot, play it cool. You’ll have a beautiful day regardless!

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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