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How to Set up Proposal Photos on the Sly

Posted by Sandy D. on

What’s even better than a proposal? Having photographic evidence of that memory to cherish for a lifetime! Short of using a selfie stick, you’ll need to plan ahead if you want stunning proposal photos to frame or video evidence to share with friends and family.

My husband proposed at a fountain outside one of our favorite restaurants with only a few patrons as witnesses. Afterward, we took a drive in a limo to some of our favorite spots in our small town, and ended the evening with a few shared bottles of wine. I didn’t realize until later that in the midst of all that excitement I hadn’t taken a single photo to commemorate the occasion (and couldn’t remember a word of the proposal).

As in my case, memory can fail (but photos and videos can last forever). Here are a few ways to commemorate one of the most romantic moments of your life:

  • Keep it a secret: Often, your fiancé knows—or at least has a suspicion—when a proposal is on the horizon. Do your best to keep the details of your proposal a total secret so you can capture candid (and priceless) reactions!
  • Pick a scenic spot: Consider proposal settings that aren’t only practical but beautiful. Natural areas such as gardens or nature trails make excellent backdrops for photos, for example!
  • Hire a professional: Use this opportunity to test drive a potential wedding photographer you know personally or have been considering. A professional photographer will be able to scout out the area ahead of time and capture images without your fiancé even realizing he or she is there.
  • Do a practice proposal: It may seem silly, but acting out your actual proposal will help your photographer pose you for the best lighting and prepare for the right timing. And, it might help calm your nerves to practice beforehand!
  • Get the lighting right: Speaking of lighting, work with your photographer to choose the best timing for perfect proposal lighting (i.e., time of day or angle, etc.). That way you can capture the most flattering photos of you and your fiancé.

Happy planning!

with love & style from: Sandy D. (bridal blogger extraordinaire)

(photos from Pixabay, Pexels)

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